Are people born gay and lesbian?

There is a developing body of evidence that supports the idea that homosexuality is a choice, no innate trait. While it is true that genetic proneness can affect someone’s ability to choose a sexual orientation, there are numerous other factors that can impact that decision.

The most significant factor may be a person’s early environment, which can shape the way they reply to different people and experiences. Adverse early earlier childhood days experiences, including parental forget and abusive habit, have been associated with a little ones tendency toward homosexuality.

It’s as well possible that junk shifts while pregnant may influence how a fetus’ head is usually configured. That could result in a unborn child that is very likely to exhibit the same erectile behaviors as the parents.

What does this mean for us?

For most people, being released within the closet in a young age can result in bias and discrimination in their institutions, workplaces, cultural groups and faith web 20. But it can even be a positive stage for the younger generation who look safe and comfortable with their erotic orientation.

The “born this way” slogan is certainly used by the gay legal rights movement being a powerful and limiting argument. But it’s important too to remember there is no research evidence supporting this assert. It’s also important to acknowledge that intimate orientation and gender are complex for many people. Some people identify mainly because bisexual, others as saphic girls, and still others when gay.