An internet link was provided to complete an online electronic survey on Google platform using a quick response code on mobile devices. The online survey consists of 34 questions that were categorized into 4 main sections, namely 1) social demographics 2) attitude on safe distancing measures 3) precaution practices and 4) perceptions of COVID-19. Multiple linear regression analysis was performed to examine women’s precaution practices among six independent socio-demographic variables, including age, ethnicity, education, front-line jobs, history of miscarriage and type of antenatal clinic .

With regard to sexuality, BBC News reported in 2001 that Singaporean women have a more open attitude about sexual intimacy in Asia. The study reflected that 18% of the Singaporean women interviewed are „most likely to initiate” sexual activity with their personal and intimate partners. R.W.K.L acquired the data, contributed to the analysis and drafting of the manuscript. S.L.L contributed to the analysis and interpretation of data, and drafting the manuscript. L contributed to the design of study, acquiring data and revising the manuscript.

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The case in which he is seeking S$3m in damages is due to be heard on 9 February. According to the judgment from the magistrates court case, this separate lawsuit was initiated in July 2022 and is claiming damages “for allegedly defamatory remarks and negligent conduct”. 6.1.1 Proportion of population using safely managed drinking water services, by urban/rural.

Find more key insights for the proportion of seats held by women in the national parliament in countries like Vietnam and Myanmar. In 2018, 2.4% of women aged years reported that they had been subject to physical and/or sexual violence by a current or former intimate partner in the previous 12 months. Up until this month, Singaporean women living overseas could not pass citizenship rights onto their children born out-of-country – only men were given this privilege. Yet as more Singaporean men and women leave the country to work and study, the government is amending the constitution to make citizenship rights more gender-equitable.

  • As breast feeding requires close contact, direct breast feeding may be of concern in infected mothers.
  • We chose to perform an online survey as this is a rapid and convenient mode of administration.
  • Psychological sequalae of this pandemic may pose a greater conundrum than its clinical aspects.
  • 6.1.1 Proportion of population using safely managed drinking water services, by urban/rural.

Of those, only about 7 per cent had aborted for medical or contraceptive failure. While the decision to abort was a private one, the Termination of Pregnancy Act required women to attend counselling conducted by trained counsellors. The aim was to help those who wanted to “keep the pregnancy”, but were unable to do so for economic or other reasons. Regarding equal rights with respect to nationality or children , a member of the delegation said that the grant of citizenship to a child born of a Singaporean father by descent was not absolute. For example, if the child, though his or her birth acquired a foreign citizenship and his or her father was a citizen by registration, then the child had no right to Singaporean citizenship. If the Constitution was changed to allow for citizenship by descent to children born overseas to either a Singaporean mother or father, then there was a chance that the child could end up having several nationalities at birth.

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Please complete this reCAPTCHA to demonstrate that it’s you making the requests and not a robot. If you are having trouble seeing or completing this challenge, this page may help. To use individual functions (e.g., mark statistics as favourites, set statistic alerts) please log in with your personal account. The lawsuit, to be heard next week, accuses the woman of “allegedly defamatory remarks and negligent conduct”, according to court papers. 5.2.1 Proportion of ever-partnered women and girls subjected to physical and/or sexual violence by a current or former intimate partner in the previous 12 months.

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Details revealed during the magistrates court case “paint an alarming picture of male sexual and romantic entitlement,” Aware said. It added that the complaint seemed an example of Darvo, or “Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim and Offender”, which it described as a common tactic employed by abusers who seek to portray themselves as the injured party and punish actual victims for their resistance. 7.1.2 Proportion of population with primary reliance on clean fuels and technology. 1.3.1 Proportion of population above statutory pensionable age receiving a pension.

The Government had also made provisions in the Women’s Charter, Young Persons Act and Penal Code to combat trafficking of women and children. The reservations to Article 11 were necessary, in order to safeguard the welfare of women and their unborn children from certain hazardous occupations and in line with the reference to the obligations of State parties to safeguard the functions of reproduction. That was necessary in light of the country’s small population and low fertility rate. For that reason, for example, women were excluded from certain hazardous occupations in the military to avoid deploying them in combat roles in time of hostility. Despite certain measures, the delegates from Singapore said, persuading more women to serve in politics had so far been unsuccessful. The reasons for the low level of political representation by women and the possible implications of that trend for society should be analysed.

The Government would continue to review the relevant policies and laws periodically, but those explained the various reservations it currently had to the Convention. A number of studies have focused on Singapore women’s lives and careers, including their struggle to maintain coherence in their roles as career women on the one hand, and wives, and mothers on the other.